Spencer House

The Model of an 18th Century town house, based on 'Spencer House'  by Susan Rogers and Kevin Mulvany is to be exhibited at the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection, The Kentucky Gateway Museum Centre, Maysville, Kentucky.U.S.A..

This picture on the left shows the Red Drawing room from the model house. John was commissioned to paint the portraits of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, together with her brother Charles Spencer. They  were painted  in water-colour on vellum, and hang at the side of the doorway.

John also made the Louis XV chairs and  upholstered them in hand-dyed red silk.

The Red Drawing room would have been used for balls and grand entertaining, and as you will see, is  extravagantly decorated  with silk coverings on the walls, and a highly elaborate ceiling. Many pieces of John's furniture are housed in Palaces and Stately Homes around the world, created by Susan and Kevin.



Mulvaney and Rogers are well known for their amazing houses, many of which are in museums throughout the world.

This picture of the beautiful palm room (on the right) at Spencer House in London shows John’s lovely window seat and Spencer chair. 

The window seat can be seen on our website,  upholstered in different fabrics and colour-ways
Any enquiries are welcome with regard to the chair, as this is not on the website at the moment.

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