Miniature Special Editions


Special Edition Dundas Chair


To celebrate 25 years in the Miniature business, we are presenting a Limited Edition of 25 of a very unique chair - The Dundas Chair, which has been made in hall-marked silver gilt.  The chair is the combined work of John Hodgson and the silversmith Jens Torp.

The original Dundas chair was designed by Robert Adam and made by Thomas Chippendale in 1765.

Christies, the auctioneers in London contacted John to make a miniature from the original chair when it was to be sold.  however, when the time came, they decided against this as they would have no problem selling the chairs. The pair of Dundas chairs sold at auction for a staggering £1,706,500, making them the most expensive chairs ever sold. 

When John measured and photographed the original Dundas chair, he fell in love with it immediately, and decided with the permission of the owner, the Marquess of Zetland, to copy it. 

The miniature chairs will be sold with a letter of Provenance, signed by the past owner - Lord Zetland, the maker - John J . Hodgson and the silversmith - Jens Torp.

The price wil include a presentation box.

Tortoise-shell effect tea caddy with silver by Jens Torp


Length 1" width 3/4" height 7/8" approximately

Opening the top of the cabinet reveals two silver oblong tea containers with tiny silver stoppers.  These would hold the black and green teas that would have been mixed in the centre box to produce the tea exactly to your taste.  The tiny drawer hidden in the base of the cabinet holds a silver spoon. The hinges, four small feet and keyhole escutcheon are also made in silver.  The original of this piece was made in Amsterdam in 1756.