Welcome to the website for John J Hodgson and Sue Hodgson Designs Ltd. We hope that you will enjoy looking through our new miniature items as well as those we have carried for several years, and which have proved very popular with our regular collectors.
As many of you will know, we have been making miniature furniture and collectors¡¯ items for many years now, and the business has evolved during those years.

John first started by making ¡®one off¡¯ wooden miniature furniture, and for several years worked totally in this way. It was only when he was approached by John Guthrie, the owner of Hever Castle in 1990 did he develop and widen the range he produced.

John has now been a Fellow of the I.G.M.A. organisation (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) for some years, and taught for several years at the School in Castine, Maine, USA.

He has specialised in teaching the techniques of fine carving in the Grinling Gibbons style, and helping pass on his knowledge to the students. He also taught the technique of painting miniature portraits on vellum, something which he loves, and hopes to spend more time painting in the future.

We have yet to add John¡¯s paintings to the website, but they will follow shortly.

You may be interested to hear that ¡®A World in Miniature in Oban¡¯ was sold to Klondyke Garden Centres Ltd. Mrs. Gault is currently the owner of the miniatures. They have established a Miniature Museum and Garden Centre at Houghton Hall, Carlisle.

The Museum in Kentucky where the magnificent ¡®Spencer House¡¯ is situated is now officially open. Spencer House was made by Susie Rogers and Kevin Mulvany, and many of John¡¯s pieces of furniture and paintings are housed there.

We hope we have given you some insight into how the business has evolved and some history for new collectors just venturing into the ¡®miniature world¡¯

Do email Sue@johnjhodgson.com if you have any queries, and we will do our best to help, and look forward to hearing from you, and being in touch again!

Sue and John

Please note that this furniture is designed for adult collectors
and is
not suitable for young children.

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